Sneak Peek: Railroad Park

Last night, we had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at the Railroad Park.  It is a beautiful park – a leader in the country from a design perspective.   To help you plan your trip to Railroad Park, here are lots of pictures and tips from a Birmingham Mom.

  • Take your bikes, strollers, roller skates and other ‘wheels’. It is a bigpark and one of it’s best features, I think, is the size.
  • Take a camera. You’ll be shocked by the beautiful view of Birmingham’s skyline and the trains.
  • Pack playful items like a frisbee and balls. The children’s section is interesting but actually quite small.   If you head to the park expecting it to be like an afternoon at Walk Park, Homewood Park or Triangle Park – youmight be disappointed.   The real asset of this park is size – expansive stretches of grass and water.

  • Motorized boats or sailboats.  Birmingham Railroad Park has a surprising amount of water (thanks to an ingenious stormwater management plan).  If you have this toy, you’ll enjoy the park.
  • For children and parents that are ‘into’ trains, this is an awesome place.  The park meets the railroad tracks beautifully and there many locations for train-watching.
  • A blanket – even as the kids play, Moms will find an opportunity to sit and watch.  There is plenty of bench seating throughout the park but the green grass is so inviting.

In addition to the park, there is a small restaurant providing box lunches from B&A Warehouse and the bathroom facilities are  in the center.

For your peace of mind, I learned that the security features are exceptional.  There are cameras throughout the park, a security team and, most impressive, the security cart has LCD screens showing the views from the cameras.  The security team expects they can be anywhere needed within 2 minutes.  Hopefully, their services will not be necessary but it is great to know they are present (apparently omnipresent).

Of  course, the calendar will include Railroad Park events.  The park officially opens tomorrow, September 18, 2010.   They are showing the movie UP at 7:30pm.