Workplay + Shinedown = Bell Center Benefits

One of the best things about Birmingham is how the community comes up with great theme parties and entertainment that we would enjoy anyway, then we roll it back into a benefit for the community. This Friday, October 1, rock band Shinedown will be playing an acoustic concert at Workplay, one of the coolest and most intimate venues in the city.

Besides that, though, proceeds from the concert benefit the Bell Center for Early Intervention, which deserves a spotlight itself. The Bell Center treats children born with various special needs through their toddler years (before most other programs begin) so that they – and their frightened parents – can see the possibilities despite any limitations. Professionals provide therapy and special education while an army of volunteers keeps the Center working and funded (no doubt you’re familiar with the Mercedes Marathon, another major annual fundraiser).

General admission tickets are $30 and under 21 can also attend with an additional $3 surcharge (would it horrify your teen to accompany you?).  Call 205-879-3417 to purchase Meet & Greet tickets, which are $100 until Friday at 3 p.m.