Coupon Books Dictate Dining and Entertainment

I personally treat Birmingham coupon books like a citywide scavenger hunt, trying out new places and working a book down to its tattered, thinnest shell before the expiration date. We’ve discovered that we can find plenty of things to do and places to eat if we just work our coupon books.

The Birmingham City Savers book is on sale through several Birmingham fundraisers and is full of coupons from popular merchants. Here are some favorite BOGO (buy-one, get-one) entree offers, all good through December 2011:

  • Olexa’s, Mtn. Brook Village – This is one of my favorite spots to be among the “ladies who lunch.”
  • Max’s Delicatessen, Colonnade –  If a ticket to Manhattan is out of reach, here’s your source for potato latkes or a ginormous sandwich
  • Sekisui, Vestavia – I’ve been told by several sources that this place has some of the best sushi in town. Now I have a great excuse to go, only with a girlfriend since my husband doesn’t trust food that is rolled up and brightly garnished.

Moving into the holidays, we have other BOGO deals for bowling, a studio fee at Painted By U, and a Pelham Civic Center ice skating session.

I especially like the Wynfrey coupon for 50% off a one night stay. Back when they had the Executive Club (don’t get me started on how disappointed I’ve been since it was discontinued),  we got “away” one night every year while grandparents kept the kids.

But my favorite aspect of Birmingham coupon books as fundraisers is that they benefit our local merchants when we give them our business, they benefit our family budgets with discounts, and they benefit the schools that sell them. Although you can purchase booklets on the Birmingham City Savers website, please look for a student for your purchase so you can support a school. (Most schools will mention the sale through signs near the campus).

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