Don’t Shoot Your Christmas Turkey Already

I know I don’t have to mention this to moms, the citizens of the world who teach everyone else manners, respect and gratitude. However, it’s not too soon to remind you that if you want a Christmas turkey this year, you need to know how to keep your beak shut.

Let me explain. If you traditionally receive a gift certificate from your employer for a turkey, Honeybaked Ham, or similar treat for Christmas, remember that it is a GIFT. It is not a benefit nor should it be an expectation, I don’t care how eager you are to plan your menu of stuffing and accompaniments.

We moms all know the feeling of having planned and budgeted for a gift, only to be met with “Give it to me already!” or, “Is that all?” So, for the love of the holidays, don’t spoil this moment for your manager, employer, vendor, or whoever may be offering you one of these last remaining gestures of goodwill and appreciation.

There is always some yahoo who has to ruin the fun by asking when she is getting a turkey or – for shame! – whether she can get her turkey early so she can serve it for the alternating holiday with the in-laws. (You know the loud mouth who’s likely to ruin it for your office.)

This expectation mentality completely deflates the people who are working to arrange the well-intended, if not altogether surprising, task of getting gift certificates approved and distributed to the staff.  And need it be said that departmental budgets, like personal budgets, are likely to be tight? Spoil the gift and there will quickly be other uses for those budget dollars.

I understand you have busted your tail feather this year and a bird may be the least of what you deserve. But remember don’t say a word – not one word! – about expecting a holiday gift, frozen or otherwise. If you are fortunate enough to receive something, graciously accept and enjoy it in the spirit it was intended.

Don’t be a pig about a holiday turkey.

  • 2deebeez

    HA! This is a great reminder to be both grateful and gracious. We who are lucky enough to be employed right now should be extra thankful that life is good, turkey or no turkey. In keeping with the T-day analogy, I’ll just consider any bonuses as ‘gravy.’ Thanks again for the nudge.