Download Directly from the Library & Skip the Book Return Errand

Birmingham libraries are getting ahead of the electronic book wave by encouraging us to adopt the fantastic downloadable resources that are already available to us on our digital devices.

The Digital Bookmobile visited the downtown branch of the library with stops in Hoover (10/21) and Homewood (10/22). This fascinating exhibit included live exampes of a dozen or so downloadable devices, from Blackberries to MP3s to Nooks and the Ipod Touch.

Here is the simple beauty of digital downloads from the library:

  1. FREE
  2. Available 24/7
  3. No fines

How does it work? You essentially download free software to your device one time and then you’re ready to start downloading material. A download, such as a video, audio book, or e-book, lasts for two weeks before being “checked in” automatically. (I suppose this  auto-expiring download is the closest thing to a self-destructing James Bond message we civilian moms will ever know.)

Imagine visiting a new city and downloading a travel guide onto your Blackberry. That IPod Touch can now be loaded with chapter books for the kid who complains of being bored while you’re dragging him around on errands. And your IPhone can transport you with a bestseller while you wait through ball practice. (Interesting trivia: Romance is the #1 genre for downloads, followed by Business.)

There are plenty of titles to keep you interested, and although BirminghamMom highlighted audio books once before, it’s worth mentioning again that these can be a multi-tasking mom’s best friend. An audio book provides adult company during those closet-cleaning projects and neighborhood walks. Moms, please check out Nora Ephram’s I Feel Bad About My Neck. You will get such a kick out of her wry observations on the female experience.

Visit the Library’s site to start downloading.

  • Rachael

    Love it. Maybe a reason to get my husband an IPad