Find: Source for Cheap Costume Acessories

If you’ve got a kid hankering to dress up as a rapper or you’re thinking of attending a costume party dressed ” from the 80′s” (and you might seriously re-think that), then this store is the spot for accessories that are a fraction of the price at party and costume stores.

It’s been featured before but after seeing the prices at a chain party store, it only seemed right to remind BirminghamMoms of  Z Outlet, with stores on Greensprings and in Hoover off Lorna Road (of the two, this is the recommended location).

There is an overwhelming amount of tacky stuff here – in fact, it would be hard to over-emphasize just how tacky most of it is to the average Real Simple-reading mom. However, if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find accessories that would pass for boutique trends outside of the context of the store. You can try out all sorts of looks for next to nothing, since items are $1 unless marked otherwise. I’ll admit I have two or three necklaces that have gotten compliments every time I’ve worn them (and I even wore one of the multi-strand versions on TV!).

Here are some other bargains, $1 unless indicated otherwise:

  • Fedora hats – $4.99 in black, houndstooth, and other colors (the “Michael Jackson” fedora is $12.99 in thin felt at a nearby party store)
  • Net gloves with open fingers (Madonna’s Lucky Star days)
  • Fake lashes – with human hair, says the label
  • Hip Hop necklaces (per the label) with signs like cash, Superman, and what appears to be a certain weed (obviously not endorsed by moms)
  • Ridiculously exaggerated earrings that defy description
  • For you UA fans, there are some houndstooth-printed capiz shell earrings and pendants that would sell for $15 apiece at a game-day tent.
  • Little girl jewelry for your princess, mermaid, etc.

The store has two distinct types of customers: Those who are seriously looking for cheap hip-hop costume jewelry and those who are playfully looking for cheap hip-hop costume jewelery. Both groups can be satisfied. I checked out behind one girl with 3-inch long nails that had been painted with more embellishment than fine porcelain. Behind me was a jogging-shorts mom with fedora hats for her two boys, who were shaking their Justin Bieber hair into order.

Be warned  that most of this stuff won’t last beyond Halloween night, but you’ll be glad it doesn’t.

  • Rachael

    Wow! That sounds like my kind of place