Grab That Fast Food Receipt! It’s Free Food Next Visit

In the usual rush that has you dining in a fast food establishment, it’s easy to grab your receipt and toss it away with the tray liner at the end of the meal. But don’t! Merchants have gotten wise to a great way to gather feedback from their customers: the bounce-back receipt. By this I mean receipts that offer a code good for free food on your next visit. An offer for free product is something I can use and a sure thing instead of a mere “chance to win” a $1,000 gift card from among a million respondents (the typical survey offer for big-box retailers).

Here are some of the deals going on with register receipts at many restaurants right now, all requiring a less than two minutes of your time for a survey:

Jason’s Deli – free cookie or $2 off delivery fee. Genius. That cookie will make a great kid treat on the way home from music lessons  next week. Maybe I’ll get a muffaletta for dinner that night.

Moe’s Southwest Grill – free cup of queso.  I might even save that to take home after kids’ eat free night (Tuesdays) and whip it out for an after school snack while I make Wednesday’s diner.

Ci Ci’s Pizza – free drink – You go in thinking of the $5.99 buffet and then remember – the drink! Now you’re approaching eight bucks. A free drink at least keeps you at your initial reference price.  Or, a takeout pizza for dinner is super cheap and Mom can get a drink for the road. How else can you make up for the time you spent shopping next door at Stein Mart?

Arby’s – free junior roast beef – yes, on top of a value meal you can still get a receipt for a free roast beef sandwich on your next visit. Did you know you can order from the regular menu at breakfast? Grab your free roast beef sandwich in the morning drive-thru and pop it in your lunch bag as an alternative to the usual boring turkey from home.

Burger King – free Whopper Jr. Does your husband ever  go to BK for lunch or a morning coffee? Tell him to save the receipt and take the survey for a Whopper Jr. that could pull him through a late Friday afternoon commute in football traffic.

The downside of these receipts is that you may not have had a pleasant dining experience and, therefore, don’t care to return, even for a free deal. Instead of fuming, let your fingers to the walking and register your complaint via the toll-free number or website. It’s an easy way to provide feedback whether you plan to bounce back for more.

  • Elizabeth

    What a great heads up! I’m going to have to see if this is being done in my area too. Thanks!