Pumpkin Patch Fun Near Birmingham

It’s October and a Birmingham Mom’s rite of passage… the family trip to the pumpkin patch.   Here are nearby farms that provide a wide range of fall festival activities and tips that might help you avoid some of our mistakes.

Old Baker Farm located in Harpersville, Alabama.  This is a low-key environment where you can simply pick your pumpkin unless you visit during their Cotton Pickin’ Festival on October 23rd-24th.  While crowded, the festival goes beyond the moonwalks and face painting by introducing your children to Native American dancing, historical reenactments and a local arts & crafts festival.

Critter Creek Farm is located about 25 miles southwest of Birmingham toward Tuscaloosa.  It has a large playground for toddlers, mini-golf, hayrides and a petting zoo.  The pumpkin farm might be secondary, but don’t vegetables always lose out to live critters?

The Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, Alabama basically turns into a harvest circus for your children. The Great Pumpkin Patch has moonwalks, face painting, trampolines, a petting zoo, local entertainment and a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.  If you can swing a weekday visit to avoid the crowds, you can save a few dollars on reduced tickets and enjoy much more time on the moonwalks.

The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton, Alabama transforms into a kiddie pumpkin park.  This large farm has a moonwalk area, petting zoo, pony rides, tractor rides and a pumpkin patch.  During the week, many school groups visit this farm so you might call ahead to check the schedule before planning a weekday trip with your family.

Bennett Farms in Heflin, Alabama (halfway between Birmingham and Atlanta) provides entertainment and pumpkins.  This is a new farm that we have not visited but we will.  Based on the website, the owner seems to have a deep interest in farming a variety of fall crops. The pricing is very reasonable.

Faye Whittemore Farm located in Jasper, Alabama.   At $10/person (includes all activities) this may be the best bargain for pumpkin patches near Birmingham.  They also have a moonwalk, hay bale maze, face painting and more.


  1. Shoes (no crocs/flip flops) – it is a farm.
  2. Dress appropriately – the fickle October sun can be uncomfortably warm or disappear behind cool gray clouds, so prepare.
  3. Don’t pick huge pumpkins.  You will end up lugging both yours and your kid’s.
  4. Have fun!  Indulge in your yearning for a momentary connection to the farm-life, then snap out of it and return to your familiar sidewalk and fenced yard.  Your kids will be exhausted and you will have a pumpkin for your front porch (and your next family adventure – carving the pumpkin).

  • Patricia L

    My kiddos & I just went to Full Moon Farm in Anniston yesterday. It was on the small side, but had plenty of different activities to keep us entertained for a few hours.

  • Pammie Simpson Kennedy

    Thanks a lot. I live in Anniston and didn’t know.