Re-load Your Cosmetic Palette & Use the Last Bit of a Favorite Lipstick

It has always annoyed me to get to the bottom of a tube of lipstick and finally have to give up on using it any longer, even when it’s clear there’s still product in the base of the tube.

At the same time, make-up palettes that combine lipstick and eyeshadow never seem to work out even. The lipstick is gone in a flash while the eye shadow or blush has barely any brush impression. The compact is too good to throw away, and yet the empty lipstick pans are just wasted in the landscape of prime purse real estate.

So here’s the solution, and it takes less than 10 minutes.

  1. Take your make up palette and clean out the lipstick pans with a cotton swab or a small brush with a dab of alcohol.
  2. Grab your favorite lipstick tube – probably concave  by now – and dig the remaining lipstick product out of the bottom. Note: A flat coffee stir stick from Starbucks or Panera works perfectly for this. You’ll be amazed at how much product is needed to secure that lipstick cylinder in the tube (I would guess it’s another 1/4 to 1/3 of the depth of the original stick). Spread it into the empty lipstick pans. I’ve filled two small lipstick pans with the amount of lipstick left in the bottom of a single tube.
  3. Run warm air from your hair dryer – high heat, low fan – over the lipstick to smooth it out, if  “smooth” matters to you.

Voila! A refurbished compact that makes use of the lipstick you would have discarded otherwise.

Drugstore lipstick brands are around $5, MAC is $15, and premium brands can approach $30 per tube, so it’s only sensible to get every last bit of  the product. Even more compelling is the shade itself, because it’s hard to find a suitable replacement for a discontinued shade.

Refilling your compact is a twist on a trick straight from the department store counter – a gift withOUT purchase.