Got a Grammar Glitch?

There’s a grammar sherrif in town who is rounding up misplaced commas and stopping run-on sentences before they can wrap text.

Ruth Beaumont Cook is a Birmingham author who spots grammatical errors and misspellings and exposes them so all of us can become better writers. You would think that there would only be so much to be said on the topic of grammar, but Ms. Cook finds fodder for her blog ,, everywhere. It’s not that she’s a pessimist; it’s just that careless errors and awkward phrases are everywhere around us.

We’ve all had to think through a glitch in expressing our thoughts, and sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to see the problem. Ms. Cook’s examples are often taken from the work of writers or professionally developed marketing materials (the lesson: never rely on the printer to proof read your work prior to publishing). If those who have editors and colleagues to proof their work still make errors, imagine how easy it is for the rest of us to make a grammatical slip. I shudder to think what Ms. Cook would discover in reading through BirminghamMom!

Although you may have thought your high school English teacher was just being picky, it turns out she was right. Once you’re in the real world, grammatical errors can greatly diminish your audience’s perception of your professionalism and even intelligence. Ms. Cook provides instruction to help avoid the grammar glitches that a good suit and a power tie just can’t hide.

Ruth Beaumont Cook will be presenting on resume writing at the Hoover Public Library’s Career Skills Workshop on December 7th at 9:30 a.m. The program is free but reservations are requested at 444-7816.

  • Ruth B. Cook

    Nice to know that BirminghamMom thinks good writing and proofreading are important. Please don’t “shudder.” I think you are an excellent writer. You put sentences together very well. HINT: SHERIFF is spelled with one R and two F’s.

    Thanks for the good words about GrammarGlitch. I look forward to working with you on December 7.

  • Tina

    Ha! Clearly I have some grammar glitches of my own to work out. I always thought of “sheriff” as a trick word on spelling tests, but this time it’s my own fault for not taking the time to spell check.

    Thanks for your comments. I’m looking forward to working with you during the December 7th job skills presentation as well.

  • https://yahoo Gloria Solomon

    Your presentation to the members of New Horizons at UAB on the POW Camp in Aliceville was mesmermizing. The 2 hours of stories and films about the camp were riveting. I love your book that I bought and now look forward to reading everything you have ever written.
    I enjoyed seeing and talking to you, too, at the Hoover Library as we were standing in line for tickets. I would also now like to recommend Marrianne Moates to New Horizons if you would be kind enough to send me her address/email or whatever information about her whereabouts that you have.
    I feel honored to have once sat beside you years ago in Clarke Stallworth’s writing class!!
    Fondly, Gloria Solomon

  • Tina

    Wow, I’m beginning to wonder if Ruth’s resume writing workshops are just a warm-up compared to her historical presentations. What a range of interests! Sounds like you all were a great audience with a fascinating topic.