Kids’ New Craze: The Pop Watch

Something had to come along and follow up the colorful silicone, shaped bracelets that are now ubiquitous at every checkout aisle. Apparently the next thing is the Pop Watch or Splash Watch, which is a digital watch inside a silicone band.

These are colorful, unisex watches that are lightweight and easy to wear. The Pop Watch is manufactured by the company that made the Original Crazy Bands and comes in an x-small children’s size, important because a bracelet that is too large would just be a nuisance to wear. The Pop Watch has a logo along the top and is also available in a blend of team colors. The colors are designed to match your kids’ Crazy Bands collection, but we moms know that the original “collection” was laid to waste by the vacuum cleaner and clothes dryer long ago.

Find Pop Watches at Flip Flops and What Nots in Cahaba Heights, Homewood Toy and Hobby, and Snoozy’s Kids for around $12.

The Splash Watch is designed more for adults and includes a lifetime warranty with an additional $3.95 registration online. It boasts being showerproof but is not submersible. The Splash Watch comes in small, medium, and large sizes and is available at gift stores around town such as Monograms Plus in Vestavia for $12.95.

These watches are cute stocking stuffers that are inexpensive and fun to wear. Although they don’t offer any additional features such as alarms, dates, and chronographs, the simplicity is part of the appeal. Frankly, none of us moms will miss having to find out where that alarm beep is coming from.