Mercedes Kids Marathon: A Wake Up Call for Mom

Just 10 years ago, the inaugural Mercedes Marathon replaced the Vulcan Marathon.   Over these years, Mercedes and the marathon have done several things: (1) Put Birmingham on the map for marathon running, (2) Raised money for great causes like Kid One and the Service Guild, and (3) Created a hugely popular Kids Marathon.

The Kids Marathon is an exceptionally well-organized and highly publicized effort to get kids moving.   At participating schools (check with your school), children run 20 miles during a physical education class.  They are then required to run 5 miles on their own which leaves the last 1.2 miles for Birmingham kids to run on marathon day.  Regardless of your school’s participation, the children (and associated Birmingham Moms) are responsible for running 25.2 miles prior to race day.

Here’s your wake-up call, Moms.    The health of a mother is one of the single greatest factors in the health of a child.   Oh no! You may think.   Well, the Kids Marathon is a great excuse for you to run or walk with your children.  Even though parents are not included in the Saturday Kids race, we can complete the marathon by running with our kids.   Discover great one-mile routes at the Railroad Park, Homewood Greenway, Jemison Trail, Vulcan Park and your neighborhood.  Who knows – this might be the catalyst for your long term health and that of your children.

Registration for the Kids Marathon is due by Monday, November 15th. Consider registering for the 5k  yourself and all of you can cross the finish line on February 12, 2011 at the 10th annual Mercedes Marathon weekend.  Don’t miss this great Birmingham event.

Here is a helpful FAQ sheet about the Kids Marathon.