Poo-Pourri Gives TP a Run

Weeks ago I was in Auburn for a football game and went to Toomer’s Corner to witness the ceremonial rolling (let’s just acknowledge that a more environmentally-friendly tradition will have to be developed soon). For those who don’t know, the trees at the street corner are rolled with toilet paper after an Auburn victory, and nobody benefits more than Toomer’s Drug Store, which is famous for its fresh lemonade but also sells single rolls of toilet paper for a buck or so.

Next door to Toomer’s is Wrapsody, the sister store to our Patton Creek version (a wonderful store for gifts and girly things). Just outside Wrapsody’s door was a huge display featuring a ceramic toilet filled to the brim with toilet paper. Manufacturer reps were handing out free samples of a product called “Poo-Pourri,” which boasts this catch phrase: “Spritz the Bowl Before You Go and No One Else Will Ever Know.”

Problem was, nobody was interested in the Poo-Pourri; they just wanted to buy the toilet paper from the display. Every person walking by inquired about purchasing the toilet paper. “It’s not for sale,” demurred the rep, “but here, try some Poo-Pourri!”

Looking on the website, I see that even a sample size of Poo-pourri costs $5, so this was indeed a valuable hand out. The Poo-Pourri folks certainly had the right idea to capitalize on such a moment with the market. However, they also probably missed the bonding moment – and an easy profit – by keeping their TP for the display.