Thanks, Moms, for Fall Festivals

Think for a moment about what it takes to pull off a school or church fall

festival: a committee is formed,  booths assigned, volunteers scheduled, signage prepared, directions provided , power strips arranged, and on and on. It’s no small thing to open the doors and invite everyone inside, and moms are often the community hostesses who make it look easy.

If your family participated in a fall festival, you may have left thinking only of what a good time you had, and that was the intention. But somebody had to kneel behind the fishing hole and attach prizes to a clothespin, or learn to operate a rented cotton candy machine, or spray kids’ hair in fluorescent colors.  Then, there were the moms who donated bags of candy, or watched someone’s kid so a group of young friends could hang out together, or baked/bought a cake for the cakewalk because it was a nice thing to do.

Fall festivals raise money for the school, but they are also essential to the sense of community that we want to foster. These are the environments that shape our kids and become extensions of home. The coordinated effort of dedicated moms gives these places and events their personality and our shared sense of kinship as we experience them together.

THANK YOU, moms, for bringing us another season of fun.