Elves Gone Wild

As if four kids weren’t a house full for Birmingham Mom Sandy, she also has FOUR ELVES that orchestrate household fun and mischief during the holidays. If you think you’ve got some elves that are a handle, listen to what Sandy’s elves have done:

  • Our elves, Betsy, Kirsten, Gabriella and Osborn (yes, we have 4 kids) found a snowflake rubber stamp and stamped snowflakes all over the kids faces when they were sleeping.
  • Our elves have turned the breakfast milk into green (we think it was a drop of food coloring secretly hidden under the cereal which the elves poured into the cereal bowls the night before)
  • The elves used a crisp new playing card pulled from a deck of cards. Placed it on top of a full glass of water and then turned the glass over (so the glass of water was upside down and card was on the bottom). Tension holds the card in place so the water does not spill out. It’s quite an amazing trick.
  • Our elves took an entire “spool” of inexpensive yarn and unwound it all over the kitchen making a “web” for the kids to crawl through. The elves were hidden in the cookie jar holding the very end of the yarn.
  • Our elves decorated our entire Christmas tree in one night while the children slept. The kids woke up to find tree lights on and the elves hiding in the tree branches.
  • Our elves turned everything upside down in the kitchen….plates, cups, glasses, table chairs, kitchen stool etc.
  • Our elves at the last four cookies left in the cookie jar.

What will the elves do this year? Your website is a big help. THANK YOU FROM ONE MOM who wonders “why?” “Why did the elves come into our lives?” Yet finds joy in making the kids have so much fun!

Sandy, my pointy elf cap is off to you for being able to manage four wily elves like yours. In my house, the hubs and I are down to late-night fussing over who is going to be on elf watch for the night, and we only have one family elf to guard.

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