Find: Cute Ornament for Your Texting Tween

If your kid leaves the table with a muffled “BRB” and you have to keep reminding her that there is a word – “because” – that preceded “CUZ”, here is your ornament for her this year.

Norton’s Florist has all kinds of cute text message ornaments in holiday-friendly lingo at the reasonable price of $5.95. My personal favorite is “BNP” for “Better Not Pout,” which, as we know, tweens are prone to do. Mostly, these ornaments are cute because they are going to seem downright quaint in a few years when texting becomes as old school as a passing a yes-no-maybe note.

These Santa ornaments are precious as well. Flip a tiny switch and Santa’s red nose blinks. If you  need a gimmick to win over a little nephew or shy young visitor, here you go. Come to think of it, a crusty old uncle might give up a little chuckle for an ornament with some personality. These are $11.95.

You might not immediately think of a floral shop as the place to go for holiday gifts and novelties, but Norton’s Florist is full of surprises. They carry seasonal items in stock as well as things like collegiate-themed serving pieces scented candles. While fresh flowers are a luxury, I know several moms who have been pleased with Norton’s after dropping off a container to have filled for a centerpiece. Just talk with the florist about your colors/theme and he/she can usually give you options to suit your budget.

Even if you’re not officially shopping, a stop by Norton’s is great for inspiration. TTYL!