Find: Gift for Grandma

There are bound to be a lot of Bible-totin’, Bible-quotin’ grandmas here in the buckle of the Bible belt.  If you’ve exhausted all the usual grandma gift options like fuzzy socks, body powder, and throws,  take a look at these books from the Old Country Store at Cracker Barrel.

The Then Sings My Soul series is sort of like the 80′s Kasey Kasem approach of telling the story behind the song, only instead of Top 40 the songs are old gospel standards. While the songs themselves are well loved, the stories (legends, in some cases) are often just as compelling.

We southerners love a good back story. These books are full of them, and there are three versions, including one that features Christmas songs. At $14.99, they’re affordable and nothing could be easier than picking one up at Cracker Barrel, which you need to visit anyway for stocking stuffers.

Come to think of it, you need to take Grandma out for dinner. Between the rocking chairs and the warm hearth, you may persuade her to share a few back stories of her own.