Find: Shop for Uncommon Accessories

Outside of a classic strand of pearls, most of us want our accessories to be as unique as the rest of our outfit (we hope).   Charm on Second, a shop on 2nd Avenue North,is like trolling through your worldly aunt’s jewelry box for a piece to wear on your Big Date.

This shop is one of those eclectic mixes where you find  some vintage along with shiny new things, and even combination that the owner has put together for a one-of-a-kind look. I especially appreciate the experience of an environment that features a historic building and a shopkeeper ambiance but without that  unfortunate musty odor, “junk store” feel that often accompanies such places.  The merchandise, and the presentation, invites you to touch, explore, and imagine the possibilities.

Besides jewelry, there are scarves, purses, and sunglasses (I grabbed a pretty glam pair for $12.99). During my visit, I witnessed several single young fashionistas  – admittedly, not my peer group – coming in to find the perfect thing for an upcoming party. One shopper even giggled with the owner over her latest investment, a pair of Laboutins she proudly kicked up. If the red-soled crowd could find something here, why couldn’t a sensible shoe mom like me have some fun?

Charm is like an authentic Anthropologie. If you like browsing and are looking for fun, less common stuff, take in Charm along with a lunch at Urban Standard.  Besides street parking, there is a parking lot to the right of the store so you can drive up and walk right in.