Find: Tiger & Houndstooth Christmas T-Shirts

Team colors – holiday shirts

Take a look at these fun holiday T-shirts and sweatshirts (obviously the cell-phone photo does not do them justice).

Tiger Santa looks tailor-made for all the girls who just want a National Championship for Christmas. Of course, crimson remains the timeless Christmas color. If you want to wear your colors in a seasonal fashion, these are your shirts.

For those who aren’t partial to a particular team, there is also an owl shirt. (Maybe there is a message there – a wise owl doesn’t pick sides.)

How much fun will these be to wear with your PJ pants? They come in youth and adult sizes, are designed by a Hoover mom, and are $20 each for T-shirts $22 for sweatshirts.

If you’d like to order a shirt, contact Kim Crane at or call 205-422-4568.