Speaking of White Elephants…World of Decor is Closing

Even Santa would blush at this sleigh bed

You know you’ve been curious…perhaps you have also seen the ads featuring auctions and special savings events for “World of Decor” (a furniture and accessory reseller currently housed in the old Linens & Things near Target on hwy 280). The ads have always caught my attention only for the fact that they seem to be selling enormous, grandly scaled Roccoco things worthy of a palace or trailer park .

For the curiosity seekers out there, I can confirm that this store has dozens of unusual pieces that defy description. Just imagine an estate sale featuring a cross between Liberace and Hugh Hefner. 

Some objects are copies of classics (a Rodin sculpture in plastic cast resin) and some are your run-of-the-mill mermaid ceramics. There are fountains with proportions that would only be appropriate on a large estate, though apparently some suburban shoppers feel certain their residential by-laws would not forbid a ten-foot tall fish bubbling water.

You might not find something fanciful, whimsical or perfectly adorable among all these objects. After all, some talented people know how to mix over-the-top to great effect. Just be warned that this is the season for unloading white elephants.