In Defense of Pajama Jeans

When Pajama Jeans from the PajamaGram company were first introduced, they were a fascinating oxymoron. Now that “jeggings” and “shooties” have become mainstream, pajama jeans don’t seem so unconventional.

While many mocked the idea of pajamas+jeans, I have since received a pair and feel compelled to explain why a mom would find these or a similar product helpful.

Once again, these aren’t pants you’re going to wear places. Rather, they are lounge wear disguised as something tailored. This is useful in the case of having to face people you had rather not. From a quick glance, no one can tell that you’re wearing the equivalent of sweat pants, and neither can anyone accuse you of not being dressed.

Below are cases of use for Pajama Jeans or a similar product:

The carpool. Do you know how risky it is to drive to the school in less than full get-up? The day you shortcut it in your sleep shirt and flannels is the day the principal is helping safety patrol, or the police officer sees you roll past a stop sign. At least in “Jeans” you are one degree less humiliated.

The Sleepover. Your son has friends over to spend the night and you need something modest but totally credible so they know you are alert. Fake them out by letting them think you have no intention of going to bed. Pajama Jeans send the message that you will indeed withhold pizza if you have to tell them one more time to stop jumping on the inflatable mattresses.

The home renovation. Contractors get up with the roosters and have already cleared out the lumberyard by dawn. That’s when they show up on your porch, eager to get those sawhorses and power tools working. The pajama jeans you wore to bed let you answer the door looking prepared and capable of picking paint colors.

The virus.  Starting with the youngest in the family, it moves on to everyone else, and all the Lysol in the world won’t stop it. Keep washing your Pajama Jeans and brace for Your Turn with the virus. In the meantime, you are ready to run into the Walgreens for milk and meds, where you are sure to encounter the robust, healthy YMCA fitness instructor you so resent at this moment.

You can find similar products on the market now, but the most important factor seems to be the durability of construction. The PajamaGram version does not come in petites and you should definitely order up in size, as they run small. Also, the indigo color is probably brighter than your regular jeans and the fabric is better suited to cool weather.

It must be said again that these are no replacement for your good denim. Frankly, the same flaws that show in regular jeans will also show in Pajama Jeans. Take heart; if sandals and boots can be combined in a shoe (however ill advised) it’s only a matter of time before shape wear is added to this mix. But then they wouldn’t feel like pajamas, would they? And that is the whole point.