Find: Removable Hooks Make Space Anywhere

Don’t throw away the hooks you used to support wreaths, garlands and lights! Reuse them. They are packaged with additional adhesive backings so you can give them a second life providing useful storage in all sorts of hidden spots. Here’s a repeat of a Find from 2008:

These wonderful hooks by 3M’s Command brand will help you create a place for your frequently needed items in storage spots you never knew you had.

No tools are needed to attach them and you don’t have to make a commitment to keep them; they’ll come right off without a trace when you pull the adhesive strip.  They attach very well to interior cabinets and the hooks are long enough to keep things from bouncing off when you close the cabinet door. They can also be reused (extra adhesive pads are included in every package).

Here are some suggested uses:

Inside cabinet doors beneath bathroom sinks so each person’s favored hair brush is always handy

Cabinet above the dryer or next to pet supplies to hold a lint roller

Inside a cabinet beneath the cooktop for utensils

Inside a closet shelf so to hold a small pair of scissors for removing tags and stray threads

Hooks are also available to support three and five pounds and come in decorative finishes like pewter and bronze.  You can hang a robe near the shower or tuck a hand towel beneath the kitchen sink without glaring white plastic.  The less obtrusive type shown to the left are also wonderful around the holidays to hold up garland around interior doors or mount wreaths on mirrors and windows.

Command Adhesive Hooks are available all around Birmingham in just about every retail category: Lowe’s and Home Depot, Office Depot and Staples, Target and WalMart, and Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS. A package of three costs less than four dollars.