Upgrade furniture using your kindergarten skills

Plain chair before

For months I’ve been searching for a “mama-bear” chair. This time I wanted a chair that felt great to me alone, no consulting with the husband about his comfort (after all, he is one foot taller) or the kids, who just want to wallow around with their feet all over everything.  I found this one on sale at Greenbrier Furniture in Vestavia and one sit told me it was the perfect fit, although it seemed a little plain.

Besides construction, dressmaker details are what set the better furniture apart from  mass-market stuff. Although this chair met all my standards for quality and had the rocker/swivel as I’d wished, the practical neutral needed a little pep.

I’ve watched enough home improvement shows  to know that even professionals make liberal use of that old kindergarten standby, glue. Why not add some panache?

Glue applied to back of trim

This trim was $8.99 at JoAnn Fabrics, but of course I would NEVER pay full price when there is a 40% coupon in every Sunday paper. Hence, I purchased five yards of trim at 40% off for $27, along with two tubes of Liquid Stitch, a fabric-to-fabric adhesive, for $4 each. I glued the trim around the skirt about 1″ from the floor and thus upgraded the chair for less than forty bucks.

Voila, the chair goes from Edith Bunker to Edith Wharton in 30 minutes, and with no more skill than squeezing a glue tube.

Fabric adhesives come in several versions, some of which are machine washable

Chair after trim is added

and some which allow dry cleaning. Be sure to read the package and know which best suits your needs. Although stitching is preferred for anything that would receive heavy wear, this trim is purely decorative and should not be subject to much wear other than the occasional brush against the carpet.

Unless, of course, I can’t keep the kids and their feet off of Mama’s chair.

  • Nancy Moore

    Pretty, Tina! I like it.

  • Tina

    I have high hopes for reading some good books seated in that chair. Mostly I suspect I will be reviewing homework.