What’s Next for Railroad Park? A $50,000 Idea

This evening, to a crowd approaching 700, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham unveiled Birmingham’s Next Big Thing.   What is it? Well, that is their question to you.   The Community Foundation wants to answer that question so badly that they are putting their resources to work.    Tonight, they launched Prize 2 the Future and will award $50,000 to the winning idea.  An idea.

Prize 2 the Future is an idea competition for the future use of the block adjacent to Railroad Park.  How should that area be utilized?  What is the next big idea for Railroad Park?  What is the coolest thing you can imagine? The winning idea is worth $50,000, the runner up will receive $10,000,  2nd place $5,000 and  3rd place finishers $1,000.   Moms are park experts and the winning idea very well may be among us.    How should the city use this block (currently a parking lot)?   What is Birmingham’s Next Big Thing?

This evening’s program at Old Car Heaven on 1st Avenue South included inspiring performances by young people from the Alabama School of Fine Arts and Birmingham Southern College.    It reminded me of the following:  When we look for inspiration, we look into the faces of children.  When we think about the future, we seek hope and energy from our children.  Tonight, the Community Foundation highlighted these talented young faces to inspire the audience to action.   Look into the faces of your children.  A $50,000 idea for Birmingham’s Next Big Thing might be just beyond those bright eyes.

For more information about this idea contest, check out the Prize 2 the Future website.

  • https://www.foundationbirmingham.org Emily Jones Rushing

    Will your idea be a gathering place or a building? Not necessarily a park, even though it is next door to Railroad Park. It could be anything! Check out how to enter at http:/www.prize2thefuture.org.

    And keep on enjoying Railroad Park. Isn’t it a great place? Another amazing asset of our community.