Baby products now geared to Pets

Martha Stewart has a line of pet products at Pet Smart that would have you thinking you are lost in the baby aisle. While many of these are cute things for pets, any mom will realize right away that she sold most of these items at her last yard sale.

Doggie bath – Oh, how well we all know this design. We had many moments of scrubbing formula out of fleshy neck folds. Now Martha is selling the same tub for furry ears and paws.

Dog towel – The signature aqua color is cute, but I’m pretty sure my dog doesn’t care. Personally, I’m glad  have a new use for the old hooded bath towels. The kids had great fun streaking around in those hooded towels. The dog just doesn’t appreciate the superhero-cape aspect of the design.

Food scoop – 2 cups is 2 cups, whether the measuring scoop has a dog bone imprinted on the handle or not. As much as I love the idea of everything matching, I prefer to spend this $7.99 on specialized products that I can’t find at any store.

Bathing Pitcher – come on! There are 50,000 stadium cups left over after every football game. Surely we can reuse those instead of buying another cup (assuming the baby bath pitcher is long gone). These products are clearly designed for the folks who don’t have kids and aren’t having to spend all their money on daycare.

Moms, you can be as resourceful as Martha and re-use some of your baby stuff  for Fido or give it to your pre-baby, experimenting-with-a-dog-first friends. Otherwise they will walk into your house one day and say, “Wow! I didn’t know they made this stuff for babies, too!”