Birmingham’s Biggest Burger

"Big E" at Rogue Tavern

This monster burger has got to be the food challenge of Birmingham. It’s two pounds of ground beef, bacon, and trimmings on a giant bun.

Disgusting? For one person, yes, but keep reading. This novelty is at Rogue Tavern on 2nd Ave. North, one of the best dining spots downtown.*

The patrons I’ve seen order this burger are the tough guy types in a food-eating contest for one. But a helpful parenting skill I have learned is how to think like a 10-year old boy, so I knew my kids would think this giant burger was “epic.”

Rogue Tavern doesn’t exactly court the family crowd, but it has plenty of atmosphere with mostly professionals looking to unwind after work.  I took the family to Rogue Tavern on a Tuesday night when I knew there would be less emphasis on the “Tavern” aspect. We ordered the Big E and it was the hit I imagined, with us taking camera shots next to our burger like it was a 10-point buck.

We couldn’t finish it, and that was never the goal. While the burger was plenty tasty, the photo-op/Facebook boast would have been sufficient.

This is a fun meal for your family or a group of older kids. Slice the burger pie-style and you can generously feed five people with burger to spare. The burger is $27.95, still less than purchasing five individual gourmet burgers. Add a side of the roasted garlic & peppercorn chips (a MUST!) and you are all set for your extreme meal.

For you moms raising athletes and surviving growth spurts, this is the special occasion dinner that beats having them raid your fridge. If you’re having a small group for a birthday or want to celebrate a win, the Big E is way more memorable than another pizza party.

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*Free parking for patrons in a lot next to the building! This is a great spot to meet a friend who works downtown. You can pick her up at her building, park next to Rogue for your lunch, and then drive her back to the office. She takes a reasonable hour for lunch and you both avoid the parking hassle.

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