But Did You Remember Chocolates?

Bob and Barbara, still sitting in a tree…

Let’s wish a happy Valentine’s Day to Bob and Barbara, presumably of Bluff Park where several of these signs have been posted (thanks to a BirminghamMom.com reader for sharing).

Bob sounds like the type of romantic who proposed during halftime of a ballgame while the jumbo-tron was broadcasting Barbara’s surprised reaction. Barbara must have said yes.

Husbands of Bluff Park, you have no excuse if you forget flowers, a card or candy this year. Bob has given you a reminder. My hope is that the guys are going to be held to a higher standard thanks to that sweetheart, Bob, who is going to be the darling of the neighborhood ladies as long as Barbara can confirm that she was taken on a date of some sort (signs alone won’t be enough, Bob; they’ll just raise our expectations).

You may not be as demonstrative as Bob, but take a lesson and be sure your Valentine knows you heart him.

I wonder if Bob and Barbara’s kids are grown or are still at home? Because if they’re riding the school bus, they are going to pull their hoodies completely over their faces during the ride…

  • https://www.holeytamoley.tumblr.com Brandi

    I pass these EVERY morning & have been wondering about them. And, yes, I hope their kids are grown & gone! :)

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  • https://www.graspingforobjectivity.com Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity

    I’m pretty sure I know Bob and Barbara, and yes, their kids are QUITE grown and gone!!

  • Tina

    Well, I’m telling the hubs that when our kids are gone & grown he’d better proclaim his undying love via a trip to Hawaii. We’ve got plenty of time to save for it.

    On the other hand, Bob and Barbara have inspired me. If I ever need to shame the kids one day for inappropriate Public Display of Affection or missing curfew, I now know of a great way to get their attention. I’ll show them that mom and pop can match ‘em, just in a different way.