Find: Bob the Big Dog Lets Pets Stay Home while you’re Gone

Pet sitting services are nothing new, but it was the strong recommendation of a BirminghamMom that led me to Bob McArdle, aka Bob the Big Dog.

This BirminghamMom raved over Bob’s sitting services because, as she put it, “He runs things like a real business.” Bob is a professional pet sitter whose company is licensed, bonded, and insured. No worrying about whether the neighbor got too busy to check on your pets or whether your cat got her medicine as prescribed.

Bob’s services can ensure peace of mind for busy BirminghamMoms who need an alternative to boarding the family pets. For $20 per visit, regardless of the number of pets, Bob and his staff:

  • Text daily to confirm pets are fed and doing well
  • Provide detailed reports of house visits – think of the kids’ daycare sheet
  • Provide exercise, including reinforcement of commands you request
  • Administer medicines
  • Transport to and from doggie daycare
  • Water and feed all your pets, including dogs, cats, birds,fish, etc.
  • Gather newspapers and sort mail, turn lights on/off, etc. during your absence
  • Communicate between staff and a central office to ensure all visits are timely and documented
  • Clean litter box/outdoor waste and dispose of it away from your home

If your pets aren’t suited for boarding due to temperament, age or health, they can stay in their home and their regular environment while you go on vacation. If you travel frequently or work shifts, a few home visits may be just what you need to get the family through a briefly erratic schedule. A consultation visit is free.

Reach Bob the Big Dog at his website or 205-967-5927.

  • Avadee

    I’ve hired Bob to feed and visit our two rowdy outdoor dogs during week-long vacations. He is amazing! Never had a moment’s concern about the dogs’ welfare. AND we don’t have to worry about retrieving the pets from a sitter the day we return from vacation. You better believe it…This guy’s worth every penny.

  • Tina

    Good to hear! Vacation has got to be more enjoyable knowing the dogs are just fine.