Harry, We Hardly Knew Ye – Goodbye to a Corner in Hoover

I mourn the passing of all good food establishments, and to this day still observe a moment of silence for the Texas Taco and Chilli Company, which passed from Southside over a decade ago. (The thin, crisp chips! The bits of cilantro in the bright, tangy salsa! Many a happy lunch hour…but I digress.)

We'll miss you, Harry

It’s another sad moment now that Harry’s Place, a simple burger joint in Riverchase, has closed. How does a spot voted Birmingham’s Best Burger for several years close its doors?

I haven’t investigated to find out the cause. It could be that the owners wanted to pursue other opportunities, or the lease was up, or they lost the love for making burgers and shakes. Perhaps the newly opened restaurants nearby, including a national burger chain, siphoned away business. Maybe it was just the weak economy.

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is one less good burger in Birmingham and one less independent restaurant. Even if they were to open elsewhere (I’m an eternal restaurant optimist), I would still miss this place.

What neighborhood restaurants and one-of-a-kind places do you enjoy? Make the effort to patronize them when you have the opportunity. A “Daily Special” beats a “For Lease” sign any day.

  • https://PotentialBirmingham Nanci Scarpulla

    I stand in a moment of silence for Harry’s Place. The burgers were my guilty pleasure.
    Glad you wrote this to give memory to one heck of a great burger place. :)

  • https://www.katandgray.blogspot.com Katherine @ Grass Stains

    Somebody just recommended Harry’s to me LAST WEEK! I was planning to go! I suppose I’m too late.

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  • https://www.erinstreet.com Erin

    I hate to hear this, but have a feeling that two other burger places, one of them being 5 Guys, right across the street didn’t help.

  • Tina

    I know, it’s a shame. I like Five Guys and Baha Burger as much as anybody, but I didn’t want to lose Harry.

    I predict the abundance of fro-yo shops will be battling it out next. I noticed there is a yogurt shop opening right behind Bruster’s Ice Cream off Caldwell Mill Road. Given the choice, I have to admit I’m going with Chocolate Trash ice cream every time.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rachael.crutchfield Rachael Crutchfield

    Try the Depot in Helena. Fantastic!