The Hoodie-Footie, aka “Honey I Have a Headache” Suit

Most moms are fans of footed pajamas for the kiddos because they keep them warm regardless of how the kids thrash around in their beds. But have you ever thought about wearing them yourself, or had the desire to see your husband wearing them?

I thought not.

Sir, I hope you were well compensated when you sold your dignity.

The Hoodie-Footie is a footed (and hooded!) pajama that’s made for adults by the Pajamagram company.  I’ve received – and given – Pajamagrams before and I have been pleased with the pajamas and the presentation (women’s articles arrive in a pretty hat box with a sachet and a note).

Since I’m a customer, I receive their catalog. And after poring over the photos, I admit that I fail to see how even the best looking model is well served by wearing a Hoodie-Footie.

Perhaps a winter in North Dakota would convince me of the Hoodie-Footie’s appeal. But then again, there are so many more dignified ways to keep warm, like conventional flannel pajamas or soft robes.

Frankly, I don’t think I could even fall sleep in a Hoodie-Footie on the slightest chance that a house fire or tornado during the night could send me running out into the yard, where I would perish from public humiliation when help arrived.

Maybe it is just the active person’s version of a Snuggie. Perhaps there are some confident BirminghamMoms out there who could rock the Hoodie-Footie. I’m certainly not one of them.

Note: The Hoodie-Footie is available in sizes for the whole family. Even if you aren’t keen to wear one yourself, your kids might adore these sleep/lounge suits.