The Meat and Three Cafeteria – Really, That’s It’s Name

Southern-style veggie lovers, rejoice. There’s a new meat and three in town and it’s as good as the beloved old meat and threes.

An old Captain D’s building on Greensprings in Homewood has been repurposed with a steam table and a drive thru. Pause to take it in: A drive-through for southern-style plate food. Home cooking delivered through the car window. These are good times.

It’s the Meat and Three Cafeteria, and yes, that’s it’s proper name. I’d been wanting to try it when it opened but the overflowing parking lot told me I was already late to the table. I can tell whether a vegetable place is good before I tasting the first bite, and here’s how:

  • Buicks in the parking lot = Older folks like it. This is important, because they know good food and good value. This generation ate on real plates before there were interstate exits lined with fast food, and their palates still love homestyle veggies.
  • The staff knows “half and half,” the bartender mix of half sweet, half unsweet tea that some of use to cut the full-strength stuff
  • Cobbler is on the menu and hot peppers are on the table

The Meat and Three Cafeteria may not overpromise in its name but it lives up to its menu. The food is good, and the portions are appropriate. There is a dine-in kids’ meal of a meat and one veggie for $2.99.  If you’re in Homewood or could duck off of I-65 onto Greensprings on your ride home, that drive-thru could save you for dinner.

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  • flobama

    FOOD IS ALWAYS COLD! Wait staff is rude. Told the waitress the beans were cold, expecting she would offer to take them to the kitchen and warm them up, she said we do not take food back. When we finally explained all we expected was for her to warm the beans (not take them back), she was very put out. We asked for a bowl to put the beans in so we could keep our plates and continue eating the food that was luke warm. She brought a bowl and basically threw it across the table at us. I will never set foot in this restaurant again…and I encourage all that read this post to pick another restaurant (unless you enjoy cold food and rude service).

  • Tina

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. I ordered cafeteria-style directly from the steam table so everything I got was piping hot. The waitress was attentive while I was there, bringing me banana pudding when I decided I did want dessert after all…perhaps she should have refused, that would have been better for my waistline!

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but I must confess I will tolerate imperfect service for good vegetables because they are so hard to find.