The Waiting Rooms Moms Hate Most

Guys are saying, "Looks great to me!"

Moms are pros at sitting in the pediatrician’s office, the hair salon, the orthodontist’s office, even the emergency room. But the waiting areas we must dread above all are those that have anything to do with car maintenance.

It’s obvious that these waiting rooms were designed (if we can use such a generous term) by guys, for guys. They are strictly utilitarian with hardly any creature comforts, save a pot of stale coffee and a half empty vending machine. No matter how friendly the staff, the waiting room makes the routine experience of oil changes, new tires, and tune-ups about as pleasant to anticipate as a root canal without the comfort of sedation.

Granted, when the homekeeping chores are divided, it’s usually the men who are charged with handling the family vehicles, and we know most of them scarcely notice fluorescent lighting, tacky posters and stuff lying all around. Doesn’t that describe the preferred male habitat, the basement man cave?

Unfortunately, routine car maintenance isn’t so much about interest or skill as it is about whoever has the flexibility to wait, and that brings us moms back to these godforsaken waiting rooms.

About the only thing you can do is look for car shops within walking distance to shopping. Failing that, bring a good book or a current magazine of your own (unless you like old issues of Field and Stream).

Kudos go to Hoover Toyota on hwy 150, which offers wi-fi and plenty of magazines in its lounge area. However, you are doomed if you prefer any entertainment other than Fox News.

  • jaime

    I was in heaven when I moved to Birmingham 3 years ago – the Med Center Mazda dealership off of 119 and I65 is fabulous! They have a lego table, bucket of toys, fresh popcorn in one of those old school popcorn makers, car racing video games, and soda/snack machines. We would always treat it like it was a fair day for us. We actually had FUN there! Then I got pregnant again and had to upgrade to the Honda Odyssey. I will NOT take my kids to the Tameron Honda dealership. Definitely not a place for kids. Which means I never get my oil changed until I’m months late b/c I have to find a time for my husband to babysit while I go.

  • Tina

    Wow, a popcorn maker?? Med Center Mazda sounds like they have figured things out. It amazes me that all of these things – Leggo table, toys, video games, etc. would cost a dealership/repair shop less than one transmission overhaul and so few places figure that out. If they would let moms trick out the wait area, all their customers would like it better.

    Any dealership that sells minivans should be REQUIRED by the manufacturer to make their wait area family-friendly. I am so glad to learn I’m not the only one who puts off oil changes. Aren’t they dreadful? If these shops would just locate next to a Starbucks, play area or yogurt shop, I could tolerate it so much better.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!