Boy-Moms, Never Say Never: You’d Like Justin Bieber’s Movie

Moms of boys are basically insulated from Bieber fever. Without a daughter, boy-moms would never have a reason to go see Never Say Never or otherwise keep up with the hype about the [David Cassidy, Donny Osmond*, N’ Sync, et. al] of the moment.

But they might be surprised, as I was, to find that the movie is more boy-centric than expected. Although I was sharing popcorn with my daughter, I thought of my son the entire time.

Don’t misunderstand: Your son wouldn’t be caught dead at Never Say Never. But any mom who has had a blue nursery will recognize the awww moments. Here’s what you can expect:

  • The movie showcases an incredibly talented, hard working boy. How many hours have you racked up sitting in bleachers cheering, washing uniforms, or hauling gear for travel ball? You have to root for any kid who is that determined.
  • You’ll be thrilled and terrified for his mom Patti, who was only 17 when Bieber was born and uprooted her own life to move with him to Atlanta. Imagine seeing your wide-eyed son stalked by screaming fans (another boy-mom friend of mine stays annoyed by “those fast-tail girls” that stay after her son).
  • Bieber at this moment is all the things we love about our boys: energetic, playful, and affectionate. His unselfconscious hugs are poignant because don’t we all dread when our sons are too cool/grown to bear hug?
  • His songs aren’t just about puppy love. What mom can go dry-eyed through “Down to Earth,” a ballad of a broken family: “…and Mommy you were always somewhere, and Daddy I live out of town…a world so far away and I just need you here…” You would have to have a heart of stone not to choke up, I tell you! Or be hormonal.
  • Let’s acknowledge our collective maternal dread of losing our boys, even as we know it has to happen. How long until Bieber’s every song is about chicks in the club? Until he’s involved in a Superbowl wardrobe malfunction? Until he’s going to the Playboy mansion, descending into baby-mama drama and a scandalous video tape? Worry. It’s what we do.
  • Can Bieber beat the odds of becoming a freak of fame? Will he continue to grow as an artist, but without having a chimp or Webster to accompany him to awards shows? As bad as things were in the 80′s, it’s nothing compared to now when any cell phone can upload a private moment to the whole world. The media that made him could ultimately make him miserable.

Fame is a beast known to devour its young. Let’s hope Bieber beats the odds. Even our own non-celebrity boys are growing up fast, and soon enough there will be One (More) Lonely Girl will be mom.

*It must be said that Donny Osmond’s favorite color was purple and he often used a heart motif.  Just sayin’ it for the old schoolers.

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