Community Service by Moms and Kids – Bunny Aid

Here’s the perfect spring service opportunity for you and your kids to enjoy together: the Easter Basket Assembly Team for Birmingham’s Bunny Aid project.

Bunny Aid is coordinated through Hands On Birmingham to deliver baskets full of pencils, crayons, candy, etc. to kids in many of the area’s programs such as Pathways, YWCA, Salvation Army, AIDS Alabama, Jesse’s Place, and Children’s Aid Society, among others. Last year over 800 baskets were distributed among Birmingham area kids.

The Easter Basket Assembly Team is going to crank out baskets on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 from noon until the baskets are done. Assemblers will meet at Joe Piper, Inc. (love their logo!) at 123 Industrial Drive off Lakeshore Parkway. This is an especially good opportunity for middle school and high school kids who are looking for community service projects!  The reward is so tangible – you go from stuff lined up in boxes to beautiful baskets that you know are going to make these kids’ day.

If you can’t attend on April 9th, there are still plenty of ways to help. Can you make ribbons? (Moms, there is an art to this, but you must learn if you haven’t already). You can make ribbons ahead of time, or provide items for the baskets such as small toys, candy, chocolate bunnies and kraft packing paper to “lift” the items in the basket – a great way to recycle if you’ve just received some deliveries.

The Easter Basket Assmbly Team already has plenty of baskets, grass, and eggs purchased on clearance last year at a deeply discounted price from (shout out) WalMart on 150. Moms, I know you were thinking you could unload a trash bag of plastic eggs from your little egg hunting team, but Bunny Aid is all set with those. Sorry.

If you’d like to help with the Easter Basket Assembly Team, e-mail .