Find: Great Lotion for Summer Legs

Sun protection, slight sheen, and cheap.

It is customary for manufacturers to discontinue a cosmetic shortly after I recognize my complete dependence upon it. Therefore, this find was not shared last summer for fear it would immediately disappear from drugstore shelves.

Happily, it’s ba-ack:  Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizer with Sunscreen.

  • This is great stuff. It has a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30, so it provides you with sun protection without the coconut-y smell or feel. While it’s not recommended for sports or water (where you need true sunscreen formulas), it’s perfect for mom hangouts that involve casual sun exposure like the ball park, back yard, or a dog walk.
  • It’s rich enough to keep your skin soft, but not too greasy. My favorite aspect besides the sun protection is the fact that it gives your legs the slightest sheen to set off the shorts, capris and skirts to come. No ashy legs! You can ditch the pantyhose (ugh!) and still look polished.
  • Summer is rough on legs with daily shaving, heat and humidity. This lotion doesn’t get sticky but feels fresh all day.
  • You can find it at almost any drugstore.  

Here’s hoping my traditional cosmetic curse doesn’t rub off (pun intended) on Lubriderm’s Advanced Therapy Lotion.