Pet Vaccinations that Last Three Years

Aside from the Blue Form (the immunization record required for children enrolling in school, summer camp, day care, you name it), the other big hassle for moms is the pet immunization record. You know about this because it’s required before you board or groom your pet, and it always seems to expire just before you are scheduled to go out of town on vacation.

If you didn’t already know, there are rabies vaccinations available now that are effective for three years. This means potentially two fewer trips herding the pets to the vet for vaccinations and at least a couple of hours of your time saved.

Most pet care establishments require that recent vaccinations be administered at least two days before a service so that any adverse effects will have already presented themselves. It doesn’t sound like much, but a two day delay when you are in sudden need of boarding can be a trip buster. Considering the effort it takes just to keep the rest of the family current on vaccinations, dental appointments, and check-ups, we appreciate any break we can get for our four-legged buddies.