Mom Reacts to Friday – Even Taylor Hicks is Singing

If you keep up with pop culture or have school-aged kids at all, you know about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song and video, now infamous for having received the most “dislikes” on YouTube and still counting.

Once you’ve seen the video and had the “Friday” earworm stuck in your head for hours, you’ll get what I’m saying. Otherwise, spare yourself. Here is how I’ve processed Rebecca Black thus far:

  1. (Before seeing video, concept of 13 year old creating a song) How nice, kids getting together to create a video. Love to see the initiative.
  2. (Into the video) Wait, this was professionally produced? Someone else even wrote the song? I’m disappointed. Looks like a sweet girl whose mama didn’t tell her she couldn’t sing (and with this much Autotune, we’ll never really know). 
  3. (Yesterday was Thursday…) Is this payback to these kids’ parents for plopping them in front of the TV to watch Barney sing, “Days of the Week” for hours?
  4. (Rapper) Whoa! Where did the rapper come from out of all these white suburban teens? He’s got the big watch, the diamond studs, the leather jacket…and he’s smiling. There’s the twist! A rapper who isn’t mad or scowling. I approve.
  5. (Nearing the end) Do 13 year olds really party on the weekends? WHERE are the chaperones?
  6. (Reading comments) People are so cruel. These comments remind me why the kids can never watch YouTube without me to censor.
  7. (More comments) If I were Rebecca’s mom, I would have to be sedated. Nobody’s child deserves this condemnation. Although I admit I did chuckle at the comments about “Who cares which seat, just get in the car already!” since I’ve yelled that many times myself.

Even Birmingham/Hoover native Taylor Hicks is singing “Friday” and adding his harmonica. In this case, he assisted Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Roots in raising money for Donor’s Choose. Don’t miss the rapper in the video.

All in all, Friday has been a fun run. We so excited to move on to other things.

Alabama’s most famous meme, Antoine Dodson, survived his moment of fame, but is he any wiser? According to his interview with Katie Couric, he thinks the Bed Intruder Song had a “positive message” – that a rapist was out there and you needed to hide your kids, your wife, and hide your husband.