Do-Dah Day is Fun Family Outing

Do-dah Dog cools off

For the most part, events with costumes are more fun that those without. Likewise, events that include dogs have an extra measure of fun. Dress dogs in costumes and you have yourself some mash-up entertainment.

Do-Dah Day is a longstanding Birmingham tradition that showcases the fun side of Birmingham dogs and their owners. The pet parade never disappoints and the variety of dogs who are out with their people is endlessly entertaining.  The pet-watching is much better than the people watching.

If you haven’t been to Do Dah Day, know that it is a family-friendly event with a distinct neighborhood feel. Rhodes and Caldwell parks are covered with vendor tents and representatives from animal welfare groups, as well as leashed dogs of all breeds. Some dogs are beautifully groomed and others are just plain ugly, God love ‘em (I always admire the owners of the un-cute dogs for appreciating  their uniqueness).

If you are looking for good old-fashioned entertainment this Saturday, visit Do-Dah Day and let the kids enjoy a veritable circus of dogs and their owners. If your dog is social, bring it as well. This is a spectacle that any kid growing up in and around Birmingham should get to experience. (Fair warning: strollers can be a little hard to maneuver so you may want to stay on the hardscape.)