Find: Homewood Gourmet Meals to Go & Catering Menu

I must confess, I’ve loved Homewood Gourmet for many years and thought my love for the restaurant and food had everything to do with its previous owner and founder, Franklin Biggs.   When the restaurant changed ownership my lunch habit changed as well and I did not visit the restaurant for months… until last week.

I rediscovered this favorite restaurant and was so pleased to see familiar items like the Baby Blue Salad, the Pesto Chicken Sandwich (my personal favorite) and their dijon chicken salad (the seafood gumbo was fantastic!).  Check out the lunch menu.   However, I discovered several new dishes and our Find of the Week – the to-go menu.  Homewood Gourmet has provided a select, meals to go menu for many years but the new menu and provision of meals is more extensive and plentiful.  Casseroles and meals are prepped and ready in a cooling case by the front door (yea!).  This reduces the need to call in advance and really saves the last minute mom.

Most important and in keeping with the Homewood Gourmet history, the ingredients are fresh and meals are prepared daily.   Check out Homewood Gourmet for lunch or dinner but definitely stop by on your way home from work or play group when you need dinner to go in Birmingham.

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