Find: Party Cookies from a Drive-Thru

When you are driving down the road and suddenly realize that you’re supposed to be bringing cookies to the office send-off party or the teacher reception TODAY – know that you don’t even have to get out of the car to fulfill your mission. Just take the next exit and head through the McDonald’s drive-through for a box or two of cookies.

We’ve all noticed the cookies at the Mickey D’s check out, but it took a Birmingham grandma to show me the face-saving possibilities of these cookies. I went to a small office send-off coordinated by this executive assistant who naturally knows all the shortcuts (and the dirt, but that’s another story). I made a mental note to ask her which bakery made the delicious oatmeal raisin cookies, all arranged beautifully on a platter alongside a chocolate chip version.

Later she told me her secret: McDonald’s. “Just put the cookies on a platter and they look great,” she told me. “If you put a doily underneath them, they look like they came from a nice bakery and they taste just as good for around three bucks.” No wonder this lady is entrusted to make all the arrangements from travel to office supplies. For the record, she keeps an acrylic platter in the break room so she can grab cookies at lunch and can whip out an instant celebration for announcements or – rarely – the birthday she forgot.

If you need more than a couple of boxes, chances are the McDonald’s will need time to bake them. Still, it’s quick and easy, and you can grab a breakfast coffee while you wait. That’s one smart cookie.