Find: Token for Free Mini-Frosty at Wendy’s through Summer

Scale: Free frosty next to small drink, frosty token

Here is an unbeatable deal to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer with something cold and refreshing. Right now Wendy’s is selling small key-ring size Frosty tokens for $1 that entitle you to a free Jr. Frosty whenever you make a purchase. The free Frosty deal is good through October.

The key-ring token is just like your other miniature preferred customer cards, and you don’t have to divulge any information to get it – your dollar bill is all that’s required. Flash your token it at the register for a Jr. Frosty, just the size to cure a craving or pass to your little  buddy in the booster seat.

These Frosty tokens aren’t being marketed aggressively;  in fact, I only learned about them because an associate in a Hoover store suggested one. I’ve had no problems using the token in other Wendy’s locations, especially since I am on a Baja salad binge (may I say that Wendy’s salads these days are as good as some I’ve had at sit-down restaurants at twice the price).

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    thanks for this info. gunna get one today