Fresh Air Family “Gross Out” Summer Camp

Fresh Air Family, a local non-profit devoted to getting our children outside, teaches and cares for children during the month of June through its Gross Out Day Camps.  Beginning May 30th, children from 1st through 6th grades can enjoy playing with salamanders, tadpoles, stinky plant  and other ‘gross’ things in nature.  Camps are located at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for grades 1st through 3rd and at Turkey Creek for grades 4th – 6th.

Day camp begins at 8:30am and lasts until 5:30pm at a cost of $150/week.  At this rate, it’s also one of the most affordable childcare options for working moms.

A Giving Spirit: During the month of June, Fresh Air Family will provide scholarships for children who were affected by the April 27th tornado.   “We want to offer this special gift to hurting children to help them recover in the healing air of nature,” said Verna Gates, executive director of Fresh Air Family. “The camp can help give these kids a good summer and give their parents free childcare.”

To attend the camp, visit the Fresh Air Family website.  If you were affected by the tornadoes, you may apply for a scholarship to Gross Out Day Camp by calling Paul Nurre at 205-603-0910 or send an email to [email protected]

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