Pondering the Matronly Swimsuit

With the onset of warm weather and Memorial Day, it’s time to start the usual ladies’ discussion about swimsuits and how dreadful it is to have to wear one.

Do you look at the cute little swimsuits as you pass the Juniors department and imagine that you could have rocked one back in the day? Before the stretch marks and cesarean scar, you really had a moment!

But of course, now you must be practical. You need support, as in straps and spandex. You need coverage, as in a swim skirt or, better yet, a cover up. Matter of fact, you start thinking, why not just put all the cute into the cover up, since that’s all anybody will really be seeing?

Nora Ephrom wrote in I Feel Bad About My Neck that she stopped wearing bikinis at 26. Reviewing this decision from her 50′s, she observed she should have put that bikini back on at 26 and worn it for the next four years. In retrospect, she realized she had still been in her best days.

In other words, you won’t ever be 21 again, but don’t give in to the matron swimsuit too soon. You probably look better than you think. On my girls’ beach trip last year (all moms with kids from 5 – 25), we grumbled about thighs and rolls, but I observed that, in fact, the group looked pretty good. At the very least, we had all learned our most flattering suit styles and were at last sensible enough to reapply sunscreen.