Royal Watchers, There’s a Boys Choir in Birmingham

There’s nothing like a royal wedding to remind us that the British do pageantry better than anyone. Maybe  Will and Kate’s big moments are history – the dress reveal, the balcony kisses, the drive away – but you can still channel the sacred and hopeful ambiance of the ceremony through the Birmingham Boys Choir.

The choir will have its 33rd annual spring concert May 14th, 2011 at 4 p.m. at Mountain Brook Baptist Church. For those of you who have sat through one too many student recitals, this is no amateurish effort. These boys, their parents and the Boys Choir staff commit hours to lessons and rehearsal so that the choir can perform as proud ambassadors for Birmingham.

The Boys Choir offers excellent opportunities for musical instruction and travel for participants.  Their tours have included national and international stops (including London, so there you go, Brits). And while many of these boys also do the typical boy things like play organized sports, it’s nice to see them encouraged to  explore their talents in a musical team effort.

There may not be the spectacle of fine millinery or royals in uniform, but the Boys Choir concert shows that our Birmingham can hold its own with dear old England.