Find: Baby Cone at Brewster’s

If your child is under 40″ tall, he or she can get a free “baby cone” of ice cream at participating Brewster’s.

This is nothing but a shameless ploy to get us moms to the window for our own ice cream cones, and we’re happy to be in on the game. For one thing, the smallest kids can’t handle a full-size ice cream scoop anyway, especially with acelerated melting brought on by these temperatures. For another, we appreciate a good excuse to nab an ice cream or sherbet for ourselves when, wink wink, the little dumplin’ can get a tiny cone of his own for free.

On another note, managing an ice cream cone is becoming a lost art. Kids need the chane to experience the hazards of a scoop that, if not properly seated into the cone, can roll out onto the ground and be lost forever. These are teachable moments.

Be sure to let your kid learn how to press the ice cream down into the cone with his tongue so there is no danger of the whole scoop falling out (at Disney World, a scoop casualty is a $6 loss). Then he must work around the edges to stop the drips, especially important in the summer heat. Bite into it and risk a brain freeze; hesitate and risk sticky goop. However, if he keeps the ratio of cone-to-cream consistent, he will create the perfect last bite rather than a disappointing dry, hollow cone tip.

The only way to learn to eat an ice cream cone properly is through practice. Like any other form of etiquette, it’s our duty as moms – and former children ourselves – to pass along our wisdom. Take it upon yourself to practice with your kids many times this summer.