Birmingham’s Slice Pizza is Modern, Delicious and Family Friendly

For years, it seemed that every neighborhood had its own pizza “identity” except for the city center.    Mountain Brook had Davenport’s.  Crestline sustained Mafiaoza’s.  Homewood boasted THREE distinct pizza joints: Dave’s, DeVinci’s and New York Pizza – all serving great pizza and enjoying a strong (in some cases cult) following.  Bluff Park/Hoover residents found their sustenance at Baker’s  and Vestavia at Yankee.   Finally, Birmingham’s Southside, Highland Park and Forest Park neighbors can claim their own pizza heritage at Slice.

Located in an arts and crafts style bungalow in the Lakeview district (adjacent to Moe’s BBQ), Slice serves delicious stone fired pizzas with fresh, local ingredients.  They serve the basics (i.e. cheese pizza) as well as the innovative like the Mexicali (a combination of pork, tomato, cilantro, and chilies) or The Lakeview (beef tenderloin, caramelized onion, asiago, arugula, and horseradish).  Admit it; you forgot that I was describing a pizza!

Slice combines a modern mindset and décor with a family atmosphere.  Spotting the red leather bar stools and thecombination of metals used to construct the bar area, you may wonder, “How does my 4-yr old fit in here?”   That’s the ‘secret sauce’ for this new restaurant – great pizza (distinct from the rest), cool atmosphere befitting your 22-yr old niece or your 4-yr old son, and a celebration of local breweries, fresh ingredients and family.

Stop in for an early, summer evening dinner with the family or grab lunch following a Saturday Farmer’s Market just blocks away at Pepper Place.

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  • Colm

    Southside/Highland Park/Forest Park have already had Betolla, Cosmo’s, Rocky’s for years. Pizza is hardly new on this side of town.

  • Tina

    Thanks, Colm. Fair point — we also have eaten more Mellow Mushroom pizza than I’d care to admit (and loved it.) But, it’s pretty hard to get in and out of those restaurants with small children. And, while Bettola is one of our favorites, children don’t fit there either. Perhaps I should have been more clear about the family friendly part of the equation. Thank you for your comment.

  • Jane Doe

    Pizza may not be new on this side of town, but Slice definitely has it going on better then the above mentioned (better pizza, better atmosphere, and most of all more family friendly). This will be the BEST PIZZA in bham. So excited for this place!!!