Find: No-Sweat Insulated Tumbler for Two Bucks

no-name tumbler

We moms all love a certain brand of insulated tumbler because it works well, is dishwasher safe, can be topped with a lid, and we can get it with our team logo encapsulated inside.

But those tumblers are from $10 to$ 15, depending on the size and licensing fees, and that’s a pretty dear risk to have bobbing around the house in the hands of people who regularly misplace socks and birthday invitations (BTW, if you do buy the branded tumblers, the best deal is Bed, Bath & Beyond using the $5 off a $15 coupon).

When you  need some tumblers to use at home, no logos required, this $1.99 tumbler from Wal-Mart does the trick. It keeps beverages hot or cold as intended, but from mom’s perspective, the best features are that it sweats only minimally and is dishwasher safe.

It’s not fancy and it isn’t available with a lid, but this one has been performing well for three years now. While it won’t shatter, it can break apart at the top seam, as we discovered with another from this set last year. To be fair, it was dropped, full of ice, on a hard tile floor, a difficult test for any insulated drinkware.

These are in the home section of Wal-Mart among the other plastic serveware such as pitchers and stemmed glasses.And at a small fraction of the brand price, you can let them out to the patio or poolside without feeling like a piece of your good china is in careless hands.