Recycling Party at Ross Bridge’s Fresh Market

It’s well enough to be able to purchase fresh produce in an almost carnival-like atmosphere (activities for the kids! demonstrations! music!) but I like it even better that someone is willing to take some stuff off my hands.

That’s the plan this Saturday, July 16th, at the “Hoover Goes Green” event from 8 a.m. – noon at the Ross Bridge Welcome Center lawn:

  • will be collecting used phones for distribution to the elderly and others in need of an emergency line. (Of course, I hope someone will show these folks how to use these blasted things, and good luck with that…)
  • Technical KnockOut will be there accepting PCs, printers, appliances, and almost anything with a cord EXCEPT TELEVISIONS. (Remember how excited you were to get your first 32″ tv, even if it was boxy? And now you can’t give the thing away. Literally.)
  • Free emissions testing with discount vouchers for indicated repairs – you know you are needing to get 20,000 more miles out of your clunker, and we don’t need any more pollution in this heat
  • Besides fresh, local produce, there will be music by Peanut, our local Tracy Chapman-style acoustic artist. We are promised displays of how to repurpose and recycle items as well as a gallery by artists who use recycled items in their work.
  • Auntie Litter will have a booth and be mingling with the kids. I’d like to point out that Auntie Litter was anti-litter before people were buying bottled water. She was ahead of her time.

This is a free event and all the excuse you need to make a Saturday morning out of recyclying your old microwave. Get that stuff out of your basement and get your green on with Hoover.