ShapeCollage: A Creative Solution for Family Pictures

Did you download over one hundred pictures from your last family trip, the birthday party or the school play?  Thanks to digital photography we are documenting our lives but the stories often remain on the computer.

Visit and download free software that allows you to create a collage of photographs in ANY shape.  I created the letter B celebrating the last year of photos and graphics from Birmingham Mom in about 15 minutes.  For an additional $25, you can download the pro version and arrange the pictures yourself.    Use ShapeCollage to create your child’s initials in photographs of his/her first year, create a sign for their birthday in the shape of their age, pull together photographs of a recent trip in a memorable shape and use the collage for your holiday cards.  The ideas are endless and it’s truly fun to watch a file of photos arrange themselves in the designated shape.

A short cut for Busy Moms with files of  online photos!