Fiesta Hispanic Culture Festival at Regions Park

This may seem like an ironic time for a Hispanic culture festival, given the controversy over Alabama’s recent immigration law. But the Fiesta Hispanic Culture festival is going on its 9th year, and this is a timely reminder that Hispanic culture encompasses much more than the current focus on the Mexican border.  

The 9th Annual Fiesta Hispanic Culture Festival is Saturday, October 1st at Regions Park, with most events taking place from noon until five p.m. There will be a Fiesta DJ and dance village along with activities so participants can observe and sample the customs and traditions of over 20 Spanish-speaking countries. Naturally there will be an area for the kids, and a “Read Conmigo” area where books will be provided to parents so that they can read to their children in English and in Spanish. The multi-cultural food village will have vendors selling food representative of Hispanic countries.

Consider that Alabama’s history can be traced more than 500 years to Hispanic explorers from both Spain and Mexico. Our first “road sign” was carved in both Spanish and English. Yet when we think in terms of Hispanic culture, most of us first think of the queso dip at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Fiesta is a fun way to enjoy the richness and variety of Hispanic culture, which is larger than the current headlines.